Kurt & Nicola have decided to hang up our hi-viz and move on. You can find all of the details about The Cotswold Way Century and The Broadway Marathon& Half from our friends at Cotswold Trail Events.

After 10 years at the helm of Cotswold Running, the time has come to pass on the event coordination baton. Our friends Ian and Emma at Cotswold Trail Events will be taking the Cotswold Way Century and Broadway Marathon & Half forward from this Autumn. Who knows, they may even decide to resurrect a few of the favourites that have dropped off our event calendar. They will carry on making these races must-do weekends of the annual running calendar, and we will be supporting the transition to make sure they can draw as much as they want to on the years of our acquired experience.

In 2012, life was different in so many ways. We spent most of our weekends racing or training on the trails, many of our weeknights traipsing about the hills with head torches. The idea behind Cotswold Running, however, has remained consistent – that there must be others like us who wanted good, low-frills races on great trails somewhere as beautiful as our regular routes. In the past few years, our evenings and weekends have mostly focused on enjoying family life with our youngest volunteer. As he gets older, we have decided to spend those weekends on our own adventures and seeing new places (and races!). We are incredibly proud of the following our events have attracted. We have met an amazing variety of people and made some life-time friends.

Our events have always relied on the kindness of family, friends, and strangers (who frequently became friends). We have met thousands of runners from around the world who have come to do our events, and you have enriched our lives in ways we could never have expected. We would like to specifically thank all of our amazing volunteers over the years. If your name is missing from the list below of more than 200 people who have made it all happen, it is because of bad record-keeping, rather than by intention.

In terms of practicalities, we will be linking across to the Cotswold Trail Events website and, once we have a count of all the t-shirts in the garage, putting all the old shirt and buff stocks on sale via our own website. Those of you with free places from volunteering this year, I will be putting you in touch with Ian so you can enjoy them.

Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way – volunteers, runners, friends, and suppliers.

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