About Us

We are runners who want to share some of our favourite places with you.

We are a small company started in 2012 by enthusiastic trail runners, in part because we want to bring more trail races to our local area. Our goal is to put on the kind of events we love to run: challenging, fun, and interspersed with breathtaking beauty. We also understand that not all trail runners are experts with a compass, so our sub-100mi races will be well marked.

Kurt Dusterhoff

Born and raised in Texas, Kurt has been running on and off since his first 1mi fun-run at the age of 3. Having vowed in 2007 to never to run another marathon, he fell in love with the trails of the UK’s Cotswold Hills and now tries to fit in several trail marathons and ultras each year.  Kurt races on the roads, and trails at distances from 1 mile upwards, has a couple of sub-24hr 100 milers, and won the 2016 Merrill’s Mile 6-hour race in stupidly hot conditions and returned in 2017 to pick up 3rd on a day described by a local as “running on a hotplate”. 

Nicola Dusterhoff

A native of these fair isles, Nicola spent 10 years failing to understand why people enjoy this running lark.  One run away from the streets of town changed all of that, and one run from Broadway along the local trails converted her into an avid trail lover.  Having only run a few half marathons before 2012, she did what any good runner would and ran 4 marathons and a 40-mile ultra just to see if she could.  Following her first 24-hour race in 2013 (80 miles), Nicola is now thoroughly committed to the trails.

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