Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how we use any personal data you provide to us.


Cotswold Running LTD is a limited liability business.  FOr the purposes of the Data Protection Acts 1998, GDPR, and the Data Protection Bill 2017, the data controller is Cotswold Running LTD.  Any questions, comments, or requests about the privacy policy should be sent to or posted to Cotswold Running LTD, PO Box 303, Evesham, WR11 9ED.


We collect data from you when you register for an event, sign up for coaching services, volunteer for an event, send us e-mails, join our mailing list, or navigate through the website.


When you sign up, typically via a 3rd party entry system provider who has their own data management policies, we request your data from that provider.  We will collect your name, address, date of birth, and gender to identify you and confirm your eligibility for an event.  We will also collect e-mail address, contact phone numbers, emergency contact name and number so that we may contact you about the event and/or during the event. 

We collect sports governing body affiliation details to confirm correct pricing and to include club names in results. In some cases, we collect nationality information to provide in results where those results may be used as qualification for other events.  In some cases, other information about you may be requested to support your participation in the event you have signed up for. 

Your name and emergency contact details and any health information you may choose to provide are shared with our medical services provider to ensure that, in case of emergency during an event, they are able to provide the most accurate care and reach your emergency contact as quickly as necessary. 

We keep this data for a maximum of one year in case of future queries about race participation from sports governing bodies.


For each event, we publish results on our website, a 3rd party cloud drive such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox, or on the website of a 3rd party timing company, if electronic timing is used.  Results will include your name, age category, gender, governing body / club affiliation, and for some races your nationality and country of residence.  Where an external timing provider is used, this information is passed to that provider in order to facilitate results.  In some cases, you have the option to select passing your e-mail or phone number to the timing provider in order to have your personalized results sent directly to you after the event.  The data sent to any 3rd party timing company is managed according to their own data management policy.  Where race results are sent to results database providers such as ITRA, UKA, or DUV for their inclusion in results databases, your date of birth may be sent for identification purposes only.  This data is managed according to the 3rd party’s data management policies.


When you sign up for coaching services, we will request quite a lot of personal information about your health, lifestyle, and history so that we can make a plan to fit you.  We will also ask for e-mail, phone, or other contact details to allow regular follow-up using the method you prefer.  We keep this data for as long as we need it to provide the services, plus up to three years in case you choose to sign up again after a period away.


When you volunteer, we will ask for your contact details so we can keep you updated with information about the event and stay in touch during the event. Your name, e-mail address, and sometimes phone number details will be shared with other volunteers so that volunteers can contact each other during an event. We keep this data indefinitely for use whenever you volunteer.


When you e-mail us, we keep your address and name so we can reply to you and have a record of  your contact.  You do not get put onto our mailing list by sending an e-mail.  In the past, entrants to events have been added to the mailing list.  In future, entrants will have the option to be added to the mailing list.  Otherwise, you must explicitly join the mailing list to be added.  The mailing list is used to notify you about our events or other important news about Cotswold Running.  The list is hosted on MailChimp in the US, who will use that data according to their own data management policy.


Occasionally we sell something via our website shop (usually race extras).  You will pass your details to a payment service provider, who passes them to us.  We use the data to send you your goods or to match them to your race entry.  We don’t receive your payment method details.  We don’t want your payment method details.


Our website uses cookies to track your progress through the website, helping us to know how viewers use it and which pages are popular.  We also collect some basic demographic information via Google Analytics to give us anonymized data about our users.


We use secured cloud data storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive to store our data.  Website results are hosted on Google Drive.  E-mail is hosted in Switzerland by Protonmail.


We don’t pass your data on to anyone else for marketing purposes.  We may send you information via our generic mailing list or an event-specific mailing list to let you know of any sponsorship deals that you can access which are associated with an event.


You have the right to access information held about you.  More information about making a Subject Access Request under the UK Data Protection Act is available at  Please make sure that you give us enough information to uniquely identify you.  Typically, name, address and/or past addresses, date of birth, and e-mail addresses will be sufficient.  Obviously, we will have to keep this information in order to process your request.

  • Entries:  Please list every event you want us to check.
  • Coaching: You probably have all of the data in the coaching plan that was shared with you, aside from any notes we take during follow-ups. So, be specific about what you want us to look for.

If you only want information about your results, they are all on the Results page, so you can see what’s there for free.

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